Working with us

At EUGENE THURAISINGAM LLP, we work as a team towards advancing clients’ interests in commercial disputes, and safeguarding defendants’ rights in criminal proceedings. We train you to have carriage of a stimulating range of litigation work and induct you to our strong tradition of pro bono representation. Above all, we aim to groom you into a competent lawyer who will contribute to both the growth of our practice as well as to the administration of justice in Singapore.

Your practice traineeship

In accordance with the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2011, our supervising solicitor, Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, will train you in the following areas of practice:-

i. Commercial and Civil Litigation Practice;   ii. Criminal Litigation Practice.

We will train you in, among other things, drafting of legal correspondence, court documents and legal submissions, the nuances of client management and the rigour of file management. We will work with you to prepare for court hearings and canvass points of fact and law that advance our clients’ cases. We aim to grow you into an advocate who is not only strong in the law but also, more fundamentally, grounded in the spirit of professional ethics and courtesy.

Application process

We are currently considering applications for Practice Training Contract in the year 2020. If you would like to apply for a Practice Training Contract with us, please email us at

with the following materials:-

A cover letter which includes a short introduction of yourself, why you would like to train with us, and the year in which you intend to serve your Practice Training period; and your detailed CV.