About the firm

Dedicated to the practice of Criminal and Commercial disputes

Eugene Thuraisingam LLP is a law firm in Singapore founded in 2012 with the vision of providing first-class representation in commercial and criminal disputes. Despite our relative youth, we have achieved significant results in all levels of court, many of which gave rise to reported judgments. Cases we have fought and won include cases of unusual commercial complexity, cases involving novel questions of law of public interest, as well as cases in which liberty or even life are at stake.


We are known for our passion for the law. We bring this passion to bear in all disputes in which we are instructed. We are adept at positioning a case strategically with a view to achieving a favourable settlement or, should the circumstances call for it, fighting an aggressive battle in trial.


We are proud of our role in enhancing access to justice. Pro bono representation of accused persons in criminal proceedings is, and has always been, a core aspect of our practice. We are also the choice firm for pro bono cases which invoke issues of human rights and the rule of law. In our view, safeguarding fundamental liberties guaranteed by the law lies at the heart of the task of lawyering.

Features which define our practice

1. Candour. We are honest about the merits of your case, the costs that accompany litigation, and whether commencing proceedings is something that is proportional and sensible for you to do.


2. Judgment. We have deep and broad-based knowledge of both law and business. This brings us in good stead when it comes to advising you on the prospects of your case, and tailoring the most effective solutions for you.


3. Passion. We are proud of our craft. We are dogged in safeguarding and advancing your rights and interests. There is no dispute we shy away from, even disputes against financial institutions and the Government.


We maintain our independence as advocates and are generally conflict-free and able to litigate against virtually any institution, including government bodies. We are the choice firm for any client who seeks a conflict-free team of lawyers to have conduct of complex disputes in Singapore.


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