Hilary Low (刘微琪)

Associate English, Mandarin

Hilary is a committed and level-headed individual with a keen interest in criminal and commercial practice. Her disposition allows her to form an objective view of the subject matter while keeping her clients’ best interests at heart. As a trainee, Hilary was exposed to a wide spectrum of disputes and sought to continually hone her analytical skills.

Prior to joining the firm, Hilary volunteered regularly during her time at the University of Birmingham. One of the pro bono projects which Hilary undertook required her to conduct weekly preliminary interviews with asylum seekers at the Immigration Law Clinic. Outside of law, she actively organised and participated in community excursions for children with special needs. Having interacted with a wide range of individuals from all walks of life, Hilary is able to empathise with her clients and provide an alternative perspective on the matter at hand.

To take a breather, Hilary enjoys going for a night drive or cycle and more often than not, ends her trip with a ‘run’ to a nearby supper spot.