Eugene Thuraisingam LLP’s lawyers clinch top awards in Doyle’s Guide for Criminal Defence and White-Collar Crime in Singapore

Doyle’s Guide to Leading Firms and Lawyers in Singapore 2022

On 30 September 2022, Doyle’s Guide published its 2022 list of leading lawyers and firms in the areas of  Criminal Defence and White Collar Crime and Regulatory Investigations in Singapore.

Doyle’s Guide’s listings for Criminal Law are published “solely on the back of peer-review“. This peer review usually comes in the form of feedback from partner-level lawyers who practice in the area of the ranking.

In the 2022 Doyle’s Guide for Singapore, Eugene Thuraingsam LLP and its partners performed commendably at both the firm and individual level.

Doyle’s Guide for Leading Criminal Defence Law Firms in Singapore 2022

Doyle’s Guide’s listing for law firms contains four categories, namely three “Tiers” and “Recommended”. This year, Eugene Thuraisingam achieved the highest possible ranking.

As seen in the list above, Eugene Thuraisingam LLP was one of just two firms that was awarded the highest honour amongst Criminal Defence practices in Singapore. All listings within each ranking category of Doyle’s Guide are displayed in alphabetical order

This result is a marked improvement from Eugene Thuraisingam LLP’s ranking in the 2020 edition, where the firm was ranked in the second tier.

Doyle’s Guide for Leading Criminal Defence Lawyers in Singapore 2022

Eugene Thuraisingam’s partners, Eugene Thuraisingam, Suang Wijaya, and Chooi Jing Yen, were all named amongst the leading Criminal Defence Lawyers in Singapore by Doyle’s Guide 2022.

Both Eugene Thuraisingam and Suang Wijaya were ranked as Preeminent lawyers in the field. According to Doyle’s Guide, Our Preeminent lawyers are those who consistently draw praise from their peers.

Chooi Jing Yen was listed in the recommended category. Lawyers who are reccomended are “those who display particular skills or attributes within the area.”

Similarly, Eugene Thuraisingam LLP’s performance in this category improved from the 2020 edition. In 2020, both Eugene and Suang were named in the leading category.

Doyle’s Guide for Leading White Collar Crime & Regulatory Investigations Lawyers

Eugene Thuraisingam and Suang Wijaya, partners of Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, were also ranked in the category of White-Collar Crime and Regulatory Investigations.

Eugene Thuraisingam, the firm’s managing partner, was ranked in the preeminent category together with 2 esteemed Senior Counsels.

Suang Wijaya was named in the Recommended section.

On behalf of Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, Eugene Thuraisingam thanked all his peers at the bar who helped made these rankings possible. He also expressed delight at the progress that the younger partners of the firm, Suang Wijaya and Chooi Jing Yen, were making.