Criminal Litigation

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  • Investigations

    Being under investigation is an extremely stressful process. The statements you give during investigations can make or break your defence. We have extensive experience in giving timely and accurate advice during this crucial period.

  • Criminal Trials

    Trial lawyering is the heart of what we do. We are always trial-ready, and are able – subject to scheduling – to have conduct of complex trials at short notice. We have had conduct of numerous trials, both in the State Courts and the High Court. We are well-versed in the art of cross-examination, and are thoroughly familiar with the rules of procedure and evidence.

  • Public Interest Litigation

    We have deep knowledge and expertise in matters involving constitutional and administrative law. We have had conduct of cases involving, among other things, the right to counsel, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

  • Representations and Mitigation on Sentence

    The bulk of criminal matters are resolved by way of representations and mitigation. The representations we prepare are conscientiously crafted with a view to bringing to light the merits of your case in as persuasive a manner as possible.

  • Criminal Appeals

    The ability to grasp the heart of the dispute is key to appellate advocacy.  Our practice in commercial disputes is especially relevant in criminal appeals, where cases are largely decided on the strength of written submissions on law and evidence. Our deep legal knowledge is also handy in cases involving difficult points of criminal law.

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