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  • Employment Disputes

    Timely and accurate advice can be crucial in the early stages of an employment dispute. We have experience representing clients in urgently responding to threats to summarily dismiss, appearing in internal disciplinary proceedings, and instituting court proceedings for wrongful dismissal and negligent references.

  • Banking and Financial Disputes

    We pride ourselves in being generally free of conflict to act in banking and financial disputes. We have acted for individuals seeking to recover funds transferred out of their bank accounts due to third-party fraud, as well as for companies seeking to negotiate a favourable resolution with their respective financial institutions on disputes arising out of standard form contracts.

  • Insolvency Litigation

    We have acted on both sides of the fence in winding-up proceedings – whether for a petitioning creditor/shareholder or for a company seeking to resist a winding up. In 2017, we broke new ground when we successfully persuaded the Singapore High Court to recognise a Japanese bankruptcy order, widely believed to be the first case of its kind. We have also acted in restructuring proceedings, including schemes of arrangement and applications for judicial management.

  • Shareholder and Corporate Governance Disputes

    Corporate disputes constitute the bread and butter of our civil and commercial litigation work. We have broad and deep experience in cases involving, among other things, alleged minority oppression and breaches of fiduciary duties. While we protect and advance your interests aggressively, we are also constantly on the look-out for a resolution that makes business and practical sense.

  • Matrimonial Disputes

    We have acted for clients from start to finish in matrimonial disputes. As an inevitable follow-on from our commercial litigation acumen, our particular expertise lies in advocating the best possible outcome for our clients where the division of matrimonial assets is concerned.

  • Construction Disputes

    Timing is key in construction disputes. We have deep knowledge of the Building and Construction  Industry (Security of Payments) Act. We are able to expeditiously get-up on the relevant documents and commence proceedings, both under the Act and in court.

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