COV-AID: Criminal Law and COVID-19 with Syazana

30 September 2020

Conversation with Lawyers: Criminal Law

1. About NUS COV-AID

COV-AID is a project by a team of dedicated law students in National University of Singapore, which aims to help the public understand laws, regulations and legal issues arising from COVID-19. COV-AID has launched a series of Conversations with Lawyers (“CWL”) with top legal practitioners across various sectors on how the pandemic affects the future of legal practice in Singapore.

2. Criminal law practice in Singapore

In the most recent series of CWL, Syazana Yahya was invited by the COV-AID team to share her perspectives on COVID-19’s impact on the practice of criminal law, access to justice, and other COVID-related criminal offences and prosecutions in Singapore.

A summary of the range of topics discussed during the CWL interview are set out as below:

  • An overview of the role of the criminal justice system in Singapore;
  • Changes that the coronavirus pandemic has brought about to the everyday practice of Criminal law.
  • How law firms keep up with technological advancement that COVID-19 has accelerated;
  • How changes to the practice of criminal litigation has impacted certain groups of our community (such as migrant workers);
  • Covid-related criminal offences and the rise in the number of covid-related prosecutions;
  • Civil servants arrested under the Official Secrets Act and the swift action taken by the ministries in response to leaks of information; and
  • Uses of the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) in the pandemic.

3. Conclusion

Thank you to COV-AID team for having our Syazana Yahya in the interview! Click on the link below to watch the full interview.



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