Pre-trial discovery – Criminal Law Training Programme 2020

Criminal law Training Programme

1. Introduction

Criminal Law Training Programme by the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) is now in its sixth run, started in April until October 2020.

Programme consisting a total of 22 modules, includes various criminal law topics at varying levels of complexity to cater to criminal law practitioners in Singapore such as Overview of the Criminal Justice Process & the Role of Criminal Defence Counsel, Vulnerable Clients, Representations & Criminal Case Management System, and many more.

2. Experienced Criminal lawyers in Singapore

These criminal law topics are delivered by senior practitioners, academics, experts and psychiatrists. Some of the speakers are experienced Criminal Lawyers in Singapore:

o   Eugene Thuraisingam, (Managing Partner, Eugene Thuraisingam LLP);

o   Sant Singh, SC (Consultant, Tan Rajah & Cheah);

o   Tan Chee Meng, SC (Deputy Chairman, WongPartnership LLP);

o   Sunil Sudheesan (Director, Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC);

o   Kalidass Murugaiyan (Kalidass Law Corporation); and

o   many more

3. Eugene spoke on Pre-Trial Discovery in Criminal Proceedings

Our managing partner, Eugene Thuraisingam spoke on the topic of Pre-Trial Discovery in Criminal Proceedings and shared his insights on the current discovery process to almost 400 participants online.

In this webinar, the criminal defence counsel will learn about the law governing the Criminal Case Disclosure Conference (“CCDC”) regime and develop strategies for obtaining all discovery the client is entitled to from the Prosecution.

The webinar seeks to help defence counsels: (i) understand the applicability and contents of CCDC regime; (ii) understand the discovery process in cases where the CCDC regime do not apply; (iii) identify the documents and information which the client is entitled to in a criminal case; and (iv) identify effective strategies for obtaining discovery.

The webinar also discusses: (i) the discovery obligations of both the Prosecution and the Defence; (ii) the consequences for non-compliance; and (iii) the possible changes to the current criminal discovery process.

Due to the present COVID-19 pandemic, several criminal law topics are delivered online for free-of-charge. To support CLAS’s criminal lawyers’ efforts in giving their time and expertise generously and selflessly for the needy in Singapore, we can make a contribution (here). The donations will go towards sustaining this cause, ensuring pro bono criminal defence for those in need.