CJ dismisses appeal for higher sentence for man with fetish

18 April 2019

An offender who previously stole leather wallets from unsuspecting women to fulfil his fetish, steals again.

But this time, he returns the wallet out of guilt, and does not use it to satisfy his fetish, which he used to do.

He also seeks treatment to learn how to cope with his fetish.

Alas, he re-offends twice more while this is ongoing.

How should the court deal with an offender such as this, who is struggling to cope with a disorder?

The Chief Justice agreed with our submissions, and dismissed the appeal by the prosecution against the sentence which we had earlier persuaded the District Judge to impose. Of particular significance was that (1) no harm was caused by the offender’s actions; and (2) he was making clear efforts at rehabilitation.

The first instance decision is reported at Public Prosecutor v Low Ji Qing [2018] SGMC 85.

Both hearings were successfully argued by Chooi Jing Yen.


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