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LGBTQ Community is Protected under Amendments to MHRA

16 October 2019

The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (“MRHA”) was recently amended to improve its protective ambit. In the Explanatory Statement...

How do the courts deal with accused persons with mental illnesses in Singapore?

15 June 2019

How do the courts deal with accused persons with mental illnesses? Click on the link below to find out...

Stiffer penalties for students who commit sexual offences

12 June 2019

Commenting on the recommendations from a review committee which were accepted by the National University of Singapore on Monday,...

Seminal decision on presumption of possession by the Court of Appeal

4 June 2019

Eugene Thuraisingam shares his thoughts on the Court of Appeal’s recent decision acquitting the accused in Adili Chibuike Ejike...

Law firm and missing money from an escrow account

31 May 2019

In the wake of millions of dollars going missing from an escrow account under the watch of a law...

Deliveroo in Singapore may introduce dynamic pricing

22 May 2019

Deliveroo in Singapore Terms of Service states that it "may operate dynamic pricing some of the time, which means...

Age a key factor in deciding such cases, say lawyers

23 April 2019

As the debate rages on online about whether the perpetrator in the NUS Peeping Tom case has been sufficiently...

Questions arise from the HIV data leak

31 January 2019

Image credit: World Health Organisation (WHO) Eugene Thuraisingam was interviewed about prosecutorial discretion in the wake of news that the...

Death Penalty in Singapore — a Matter of Life and Death

7 December 2018

Some interesting statistics about the death penalty:- Approximately 106 countries worldwide have abolished the death penalty for all crimes....

Thai national convicted for defaulting National Service

31 August 2018

In the wake of the recent conviction of 24-year-old Thai national Ekawit Tangtrakarn for defaulting on his National Service obligations...

Death penalty faced by drug convict

19 March 2018

Our Eugene Thuraisingam and Suang Wijaya acted as “McKenzie friends” to convicted Singaporean drug trafficker Hishamruddin Mohd, who was...

Seizure of $124m of bankrupt Japanese director’s assets

5 June 2017

We acted for a Japanese trustee in bankruptcy who was pursuing  SGD 124 million worth of monies hidden in...

Death penalty in Singapore

7 November 2016

Our Eugene Thuraisingam was featured in The Straits Times for his work in defending accused people who might face...



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