A Sacred Duty of Being a Criminal Lawyer

29 March 2019

We acted for the daughter of the founders of a luxury watch retail chain, in a criminal matter, who was sentenced to 22 months’ imprisonment for taking drugs and causing a car crash, both at first instance and on appeal to the High Court against sentence.

We also act for another criminal case, British drug offender Yuen Ye Ming who is seeking to persuade the Court of Appeal to reduce the enhanced sentence for drug trafficking meted out to him by the District Court and upheld by the High Court. Our application for leave to refer a question of public interest on the enhanced sentencing regime for trafficking is scheduled to be heard in August 2019.

These are two examples of criminal cases cited by Singapore University of Social Services Associate Professor Darren Koh in this article where he comments on what he refers to as the “sacred duty of due process” that comes with being a criminal defence lawyer.

Access to legal representation is fundamental to the criminal justice process. Let us not forget that.


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