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Absconding Whilst on Bail Is a Criminal Offence in Singapore

16 December 2019

It is a Criminal Offence to Abscond Bail 1. Introduction It is a criminal offence for accused person to...

Application to review the constitutionality of section 377A of the Penal Code

14 November 2019

Section 377A – Application to review the constitutionality 1. Introduction Earlier this year, Eugene Thuraisingam was quoted in The...

Outrage of modesty – NUS Student Spared from Jail

30 September 2019

Outrage of Modesty in Singapore 1. Introduction Last week, Terence Siow, a student from the National University of Singapore...

Singapore Criminal Lawyers’ views on the necessity of amendments to MDA

9 July 2019

Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers in Singapore were approached for comments 1. The concept of “wilful blindness” In the wake...

Seminal decision on presumption of possession by the Court of Appeal

4 June 2019

Misuse of Drugs Act – Presumption of Possession 1. Introduction In brief, Mr Adili Chibuike Ejike (“Adili”) travelled to...

Criminal Lawyer in Singapore – A sacred duty

29 March 2019

Criminal Defence lawyer’s duty in Singapore 1. Introduction In a commentary to Channel News Asia, Associate Darren Koh Ngiap...

Speaking up about her stolen photographs

16 April 2018

Sharing of photos online without knowledge or consent 1. Introduction The New Paper sought the views of our Suang...

Singapore Criminal Lawyers Secured an Acquittal for an Assault Charge

14 April 2018

Right of Self-Defence 1. Introduction Our Singapore Criminal Lawyers, Teo Sher Min and Chooi Jing Yen, acted for a...

Forged Document – section 471 of the Penal Code

13 December 2017

Penalty for Committing Forgery in Singapore 1. Introduction Our Singapore criminal lawyer Suang Wijaya represented an Australian man who...

Singapore Criminal Lawyer Defends Death Row Inmates

7 November 2016

Singapore Criminal Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam defends people who might face the death penalty in Singapore 1. Introduction Our Singapore...

Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore Acquitted of 10 Charges


Portela Vilma Jimenez v Public Prosecutor HC/MA 9002/2020/01 1. Introduction We are pleased to share that on 30 October...

Bribery: Fine Imposed Instead of Imprisonment


High Court allows appeal   1. Introduction Suang Wijaya and Haziq Ika bin Zahidi acted for an offender who...

Outrage of Modesty: Accused Acquitted


Amicable Resolution of Criminal Case   1. Introduction Suang Wijaya acted for an accused person allegedly charged with the...



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