Criminal law

Is it an offence to not report crime?

In an article by TODAY, lawyers and experts alike shared their insights on the legal obligations of reporting crime. Discourse on this matter comes after three recent cases in court where individuals had been charged for their failure to report violent abuse they had been witness to. So are we legally obligated to report crime, […]

The CJ’s CUP 2023

After a 3 year break (the last CJ’s Cup being in 2019), The CJ’s Cup 2023 returned this year involving 20 teams including law firms, the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), the three law schools, and players from Jamiyah Halfway House. Eugene Thuraisingam LLP is proud to be an event sponsor for this year’s edition […]

COVID-19 and Singapore Criminal Law

This article discusses the disclosure of Prosecution Witnesses’ Investigative Statements in light of increasing delays to trials caused by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

ouster clause

Ouster Clauses and Immunity Clauses

This article shares the case that established that s33B(4) of the Misuse of Drugs Act did not oust the courts’ full supervisory jurisdiction to review the Public Prosecutor’s exercise of power under s33B(2)(b).

rash act

When is an act rash?

This article explores what it means for an act to be “’rash’, as opposed to merely ‘negligent’ for traffic offences.