Thai national convicted for defaulting National Service

31 August 2018

In the wake of the recent conviction of 24-year-old Thai national Ekawit Tangtrakarn for defaulting on his National Service obligations in Singapore (he was a Singapore citizen until he was 22), Yahoo News Singapore reached out to our Eugene Thuraisingam for comment.

In relation to the requirement that Singaporean males who wish to relocate overseas for a period of more than two years prior to completing National Service must furnish a bond in the form of a banker’s guarantee in the sum of at least $75,000, Eugene pointed out that there are no provisions in the legislation that address the situation of affected families who can’t afford the guarantee.

In addition, he noted that of particular interest is that the extent of an NS defaulter’s connection to Singapore is not a factor in the sentencing process because:-

“the assessment of the degree of the defaulter’s connection to Singapore is within the prerogative of the Ministry of Defence (Mindef), and as such, is a matter of Mindef policy, not law.”


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