Eugene Thuraisingam as a Guest on the LegalCentred podcast

March 1, 2024

In February, our partner, Eugene Thuraisingam was invited as a guest on the flagship podcast series, The Lawcast, run by the student-initiated project LegalCentred. He shared about his long-standing career in litigation, including his extensive experience in criminal defence and public interest matters.

LegalCentred is a student-initiated project that aims to increase the accessibility and awareness of the field of law and its industry to pre-university students. By empowering students to explore their interests in law through early exposure and informative resources, LegalCentred aims to nurture future professionals and leaders in the legal industry. As part of its initiative, the Lawcast podcast series features prominent individuals in the legal industry to share their insights and advice with youth audiences.

On the podcast episode, Eugene discussed his personal motivations pursuing law, the insights gained and his experiences in the legal industry, including the pivotal moment in his career when he decided to start his own law firm, Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, 12 years ago. He shared the factors that went into his decision and reflected on both the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey and litigation career.

It’s important to find a career that is as far away as from a job. You should follow your heart – do something which you enjoy doing.

– Eugene Thuraisingam

At its conclusion, Eugene imparted his heartfelt advice to aspiring and current law students who might still be finding their way around their personal aspirations in life and in the legal field. He encourages individuals to pursue law only if it is truly fulfilling for them – a decision that can only be made by themselves and guided by one’s motivations and values.

The link to the full podcast may be found below.