Absconding Whilst on Bail Is a Criminal Offence in Singapore

It is a Criminal Offence to Abscond Bail

1. Introduction

It is a criminal offence for accused person to jump bail and it is punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment, a fine or both. The number of accused persons jumping bail has seen a rise in recent years from 111 to 117 between 2015 and 2018.

2. Reasons for jumping bail

In a press release by the Ministry of Law last year, efforts in strengthening the bail regime and preventing errant accused persons from absconding bail were put into place. One of the three new offences implemented was to make it a criminal offence for accused person to abscond or breach a bail condition.

Lawyers that TodayOnline spoke to discuss some of the reasons for jumping bail. The reasons accused person absconds whilst on bail ranged from fear to oversleeping.

3. Syazana comments in TodayOnline

Our Partner, Syazana Yahya, shared with TodayOnline her experiences and views on accused persons jumping bail.